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Building a Profitable Internet Cafe

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Internet Presence is a one-stop solution provider for starting up a highly profitable Internet Café or to improve the operation of your existing one.


Over the years and through actual experience, we have gathered what we consider very critical secrets and useful information that pertains specifically to this industry whether you plan on a Café with 2 computers or over 50.


Tourists and locals, students, people of all ages in just about every walk of life love Internet Cafés, and if you're serious about being the owner of one please contact our sales team now!


If you're serious about opening your own Internet Café, we will help you learn all you need to know about this unique business opportunity.


Below is some of the services we will help you with to start-up a profitable Internet Café:



yesChoosing the correct location, decor and design for your Café

yesSelecting Products & Services you should offer

yesDetermine fees to charge for computer time

yesTechnology Infrastructure planning and deployment

yesBuying and setting up the Internet Café Computers

yesDay to Day Business Operations Staff

yesTraining Promoting your Internet Café

yesOngoing Technical and non-Technical Support

yesPlus much more essential secrets to insure your success in the Internet Café industry



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AVG Internet Security

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Prices are retail and include 14% VAT

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Our Partners

Internet Presence has partnered with the best technology enabled companies in the whole world for their specialized services that will enhance your internet presence:


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Strategic Partnerships


Internet Presence is focusing on networking developers, designers, hosting providers, search engines, directories, etc to develop strategic alliances that will provide the best of breeds solutions to customers. Such organizations which may not be customers themselves will be valuable in providing leads to new customers. In an effort to promote economic empowerment and social responsibility individual graphic designers, web designers and developers from the local community will be subcontracted, for extra manpower, on large projects when a need arises.


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Social Responsibility

Internet Presence’s objective is to be an intellectual and social asset to the community and the environment by contributing at least 5% of pre-tax profits to charity and social development projects.

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Our Values

ESK Technologies lives by its core values:






Exude Professionalism at all times, through our attitude, eagerness and ability serve beyond the customer's expectations.



Continuously improving quality and productivity standards.


Understanding the customer's needs as efficiently as possible, supplying clear and relevant information, and extending the services by identifying alternatives.



Dedicated to the client's collaboration and teamwork.


We don't wait for something to happen, we make things happen.


Making lives easier by constantly finding new and efficient ways of improving productivity.

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Our Mission

  The mission of Internet Presence is to be the market leader in establishing Internet Presence for people, small businesses and corporates, complying with their marketing strategy in order to gain them a competitive edge in their respective markets.  
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  Internet Presence - South Africa is housed in the same offices as their parent company ESK Technologies in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Internet Presence is South Africa based but works through all the regions and has partnered with global leaders in offering more offshore solutions.  



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Key Personel

Currently there are over 15 employees in different competencies working in the firm. In a drive to promote the Employment Equity initiative, ESK Technologies is looking at recruiting more Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs) to empower them to grow within the company.

Our Internet Presence professional team consists of a combination of talents, including:

  • Customer Care
  • Web Page Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Artists
  • Internet Marketing Specialist (SEM/SEO)
  • Internet users for end-user testing
  • And you as a specialist in your target market
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Employment Equity

Our company is up-to-date with the requirements of the new Employment Equity Act, the Skills Development Act and the Skills Development Levies Act, and we have structured our employment policies and strategies to adhere to the requirements of these Acts.


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