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Website Submission

Major Search Engines


Get your website on major search engines and local directories like these and over 400 000 more globally in over 42 different countries:


AltaVista - A9 - AOL - Ask - Clusty - Gigablast - Google - Lycos - Bing - Yahoo netscape search

Before you can continue with this process, your web site must be complete and optimized otherwise your website ranking will be negatively impacted by broken links, slow loading and missing images.


We cannot promise to submit your website to over 400 000 search engines, that would be unprofessional since there only few search engines relevant to your business. Check Global Search Engines (updated weekly) for a list of registered search engines on the internet, the list is huge, its all the countries and languages in the world.


Keep in mind, search engine ignore other search engines, being listed in all of them doesn't boost your ranking at all. Its effective to be famous at home in your own country and in your language first, by the time you submit to the major international players, you will be already famous in your own country.



What do you get?

YesWebsite submission to local and global major search engines.

YesWebsite submission to local and global directories.

YesWebsite submission special interest sites.

YesSubmission Report for every submission emailed to you.

Web Submission Options

This service is also available as part of our Internet Marketing Solution

1 x Month

One-time submission to local and global major search engines, directories and speciality sites. Only R50

3 x  Monthly

Three times monthly submission to local and global major search engines, directories and speciality sites.

Only R120
SAVE 20%

6 x Monthly

Six times monthly submission to local and global major search engines, directories and speciality sites. Only R210
SAVE 30%

12 x Monthly

Twelve times monthly submission to local and global major search engines, directories and speciality sites. Only R360
SAVE 40%



Note: It takes search engines 4 - 6 weeks to fully index a website.



30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Social Media Marketing

It’s exciting to see how fast new search and social media technologies have become integrated in the www landscape.  As online explorers and consumers we are always thirsty for more innovation and for ways to improve and add interest to our ways of interaction. 

Companies and Governments are utilizing these new technologies for their benefit and the motion of the web accelerates, no one wants to get left behind.  

Here are some of the mostly used social media websites:, FurlFurl, Yahoo! My WebYahoo! MyWeb, Google Bookmarks Google Bookmaks, BlinkListBlinkList, ma.gnolia ma.gnolia, FacebookFacebook, 

DiggDigg, StumbleuponStumbleupon, TechnoratiTechnorati, NewsvineNewsvine, redditreddit And many more...

Internet Presence will help your business get profiled on major social media sites for greater exposure and search engines favours those who have social media existence. The simply love social media sites.

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RSS Feed: See how is Social Media is revolutionising our Public Relations Efforts

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Internet Marketing

Internet Presence marketing provides a modern way of promoting products, services and business to the target audience. This method has proven to be the most effective since its impact is global and working 24/7 with no time zone boundaries.

Internet Presence ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including: design, development, optimization, internet marketing and e-commerce. Methodologies Internet Presence uses include SEO, SEM, PPCemails campaigns and WEB 2.0 Strategies.

Internet Presence provides a host of online services to create or improve the online visibility of any person, company, organization or government agency. Our experts will optimize your website with SEO Tools to get motivated and targeted online visitors to your website, visitor that are specifically looking to buy your products.

Internet Presence's marketing services are available individually or bundled with our Web Design Packages.


Our Internet Marketing Services:

YesCompetitive Analysis

YesSearch Engine Optimization

YesSearch Engine Marketing

YesEmail Marketing

YesBlog Marketing

YesSocial Media Marketing

YesMobile Marketing

YesDirectory Listing

YesKeywords Research

YesXML Sitemaps

YesPage Ranking Checks

YesWebsite Traffic Analysis


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