200+ Mini Website Design Templates

 With Internet Presence's Mini Website, having a website is no longer a nice-to-have. Websites are essential business tools for all types of organizations. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, creating a website for the first time can be complex and intimidating.


A Mini Website is an extension of a paper brochure of your products and services on the internet. The niche of our solution is that it is online and has been effectively bundled with a host of other SEO tools to give your business a highly visible internet presence. You will be outdoing your competition by selling to the international market 24x7, even while you sleep.



If you are a small business startup or having few products to advertise online then establishing an Internet Presence through our Mini website is the best option for you. It is our low-cost introductory offer to enable you to test the market without breaking the bank.


To expose your mini website even further, we have included a FREE Internet Marketing contract to boost your search engine ranking for 3 months with 2 x monthly progress reports emailed to you.


Mini Website Features:

YesDomain Registration - renewable yearly at @R79 per annum
Yes2 Branded EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Creates credibility by branding your emails to your business
Yes1 Fax2Mail – a Fax number is allocated to your email addresses and saves you on paper by only printing faxes you are interested in.
Yes10 MB Web Space – the allocated space will be sufficient even for large graphics or flash images. Your package can always be upgraded to a higher package when there is a need for more web space.
Yes300 MB Web Traffic – This is a good start for testing the market. More traffic allowance is with more advanced web packages
YesSiteBuilder – Choose from 200+ elegant web design templates to build up to 3 pages of your website. Features such as Flash introductions, a blog, forums and image galleries can be added to the website at any time.

YesFree Internet Marketing– This is how we let the whole world know about your business by optimizing your website through our SEO tools for search engines to rank it higher than your competitors on search results.



Plus Now:

YesWe have topped up this package with a FREE Google AdWords Voucher to improve your chances of being found by your target audience who are specifically looking to buy products from you when they searched through Google.



Free Internet Marketing Banner



Setup = R399


Monthly = R19



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