External links, backlinks or inbound links to your site are a great measure of fame, the more famous your website is, the more important it is in the eyes of search engines (search engines algorithms). You might have already known by now that people gauge your fame not by how many people know you but how many local people know and respect you.

It can't be said that this is a formula used by search engines but it makes common sense for them to rank you according to how famous you are on local directories, search engines, speciality sites, social media and other high ranking sites.

Not all links to your site are good links, you must get quality links from respectable site that will in-turn make search engines rate your site as authoritative and informative, thus rank it high. People put trust on high ranking website with good quality content.


Internet Presence's Link Popularity Analysis tracks the link popularity of your website and its pages on  major search engines, forums, blogs, etc. To help with our comeptitive analysis, we track your competition as well to see who is linking to them.


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There serveral types of inbound links that can promote your website on search engines:

  • Internet Directories
  • Other Websites
  • Reciprocal Links
  • News articles and blogs

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