Internet Presence's search engine ranking service probes on the position of your website compared to your competitors on different search engines, whether it is moving up or down. When the website is not index, that is, it does not has any ranking on the search engine, it is re-submitted. When the website is moving down, it goes through the optimization process again until its position improves.

Many people say it is not possible, that's correct. However, we have a success rate of 75% or your money back if you do not rank on the top 10 with our techniques.

How does it work?

1. You choose the keyword or phrase you want to check your ranking against
2. Web page analysis is done
3. Top 10 ranking report
4. Web page is optimized for the keyword above
5. Go Back from step no 2 until the report is 100%

That's it

If you follow our advise you will be on the first page of the search engine of your choice.


This service is available as part of our Internet Marketing Solution.


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